Zach Floss Obituary Buffalo, NY, Resident Has Died

Zach Floss Obituary, Death –  My relationship with Zach goes back to the first day he figured out how to walk on his own. I’ve known him ever since he was just a young child. I made the decision to put this together in order to relieve the financial strain that will be placed on his family as a result of the preparations for the funeral service.

No one should need to go through something difficult like this on their own without any assistance. If you know Zach, you would realize that if you were in need, he would give you the shoes off his feet and the clothes off his back. In other words, he would do whatever it took to help you. It would mean the world to the family if you could help this cause with any dollar amount that you are able to afford to donate.

Please consider doing so. Any money that is left over after the funeral costs have been paid will be deposited into an account for his daughter Kayliana and will be used for any of her requirements. I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and for your assistance.

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