Tyler Baltzer Obituary, Tyler Baltzer Has Sadly Passed Away

Tyler Baltzer Obituary, Death – Tyler Baltzer Has Sadly Passed Away. With deep regret I announce the passing of my youngest brother, friend, role model, and constant laugh provider Tyler Brandt Baltzer.
There’s a few things I want you to know about Tyler. Tyler was determined in life, but not in school. A truck rebuild at 14? How did you learn that Ty? “Oh, just some YouTube and taking things apart”. Learning how to run a blueberry harvester for the Bates family at age 11? “It’s pretty simple” he said.
Well Ty now you have a second job at 11 gillnetting salmon on the Fraser River with the Botkins, how’s that going? “I love it. I’m going to quit school and become a commercial fisherman”. Learning how to work and work hard was a value of Tyler’s he held so high. Everybody knew Tyler for his work ethic. Jared and I will spend the rest of our lives continuing to try to out work that SOB. His callused hands are a direct result of his never ending drive to do more, be more, and get more.
Through work he played. From timber sleds, side by sides, four wheelers, trucks, mountain bikes, and other toys, Tyler knew what fun looked like to him. Tyler bought his first truck at 14, and went through many His first house at 20, and his sweet dog Rex. I am so proud and so blessed to have had the privilege of being Tyler’s sister. We had a lot of fun together and I am going to miss Tyler slapping me on the back, calling me names, and our drives. Lastly, to know Tyler was to love Tyler.
How could you not love a guy willing to pull over and help you out of a bind. Tyler was able to donate 4 organs and help others again. I love you brother, until we meet again. Give Heaven some Hell  If you have a story or fond memory of Ty. Long or short I would absolutely love to hear it so feel free to drop one below. It’s what’s keeping us going. Please message me if you have questions about Tyler’s celebration of life held at the Baltzer residence on 5/21/2023 @1pm. Much lov
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