TV Broadcast Trolls Fernando Tatis With Coincidentally Timed Sponsorship Ad

Fernando Tatis Sponsorship Ad – After serving out an 80-game sentence for performance-enhancing drug use, Fernando Tatis rejoined the San Diego Padres at the end of the previous month. Since his return, he has had to face criticism from spectators as well as the media when traveling to different ballparks. The most recent insult was delivered when the slugger was on a trip to Minnesota. The TV broadcast featured a sponsorship advertisement that happened to be broadcast at the same moment.

That advertisement seems to make a reference to his motorbike crash that occurred during the offseason before last. During the top of the third inning, while the batter was taking his spot in the batter’s box, a sponsorship logo flashed across the bottom of the screen. That sponsor was a law company that dealt with matters involving injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents. In particular, they deal with matters pertaining to motorcycle accidents.

Before displaying the contact information for the company, the advertisement asked, “Have You Been Injured in a Motorcycle Accident?” Baseball enthusiasts took instant notice of the graphic and the possibility that it was making a reference to Fernando Tatis. According to one of the accounts, “I had to watch this 10 times before I could believe it was real.” Someone else remarked, “That was absolutely done on purpose.”

This person commented, “Smart marketing,” while another person, who is a fan of the Padres, found it hilarious and said, “This is incredible, and this is coming from a Pads fan.” Although these individuals emphasize the fact that the timing could not have been more ideal, there were many who asserted that this company has in fact been a sponsor of the program for quite some time.

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