Susan Cepican Obituary Chicago, IL, GoFundMe Opened For Burial

Susan Cepican Obituary, Death – Susan Cepican of Chicago, Illinois has sadly passed away. Our family is doing everything it can to pull itself back together so that we may pay our respects to her in the manner that she would have wanted us to. The sudden death has left all of us in complete and utter bewilderment.

Cepican, Susan. A formidable and breathtakingly beautiful woman. They were gone from the world far too soon after they had arrived. Her daughter Ilyana, along with the many friends and other members of her extended family, will miss her mother, Susan, very much. Those who had the privilege of knowing Susan and spending time with her are the best witnesses to the fact that she had a tremendous smile and an even bigger heart than she did.

We will never forget the happiness that she brought into our lives, and those are the memories that we will always treasure and hold close. It has been decided to hold a funeral service so that all of the people whose lives she touched with her smile will be able to come together to pay their respects.

Donations of any amount, regardless of how small, will be warmly appreciated and put toward covering expenses, honoring the life of the baby girl, and comforting her family and friends. Gratitude, in addition to the blessings that come from God. My most cherished little angel. In order for us to be able to bury our daughter with the honor and respect that she merits, we humbly request that you give careful thought to making a contribution.

Because of the unexpected loss of my beloved daughter, I would be extremely grateful for any and all support, particularly prayers. Our hearts are absolutely broken as a result of this. Thank you very much to each one of you, and may God shower his abundant blessings on every one of you.

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