Suicide: Ethan More Obituary, Byron, Minnesota High School Student Has Passed Away

Ethan More Suicide, Obituary, Death – Ethan More of Byron, Minnesota has died of an apparent suicide. Ethan was a student at Byron High School. Ethan was really born in Lafayette, Louisiana, but spent the first eight years of his life in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

When Ethan was eight years old, his family moved to Covington. Ethan was born in Lafayette, Louisiana. Only Whitney Butler (Kraig) Lutz and Markham Moore, Ethan’s parents, will remember him. He is survived by his grandparents Margit Wingfield, Warren (Margaret), and Patricia Moore, as well as his siblings Elliot Moore, Evan Lutz, and Joshua Lutz, sister Tyler Moore (Ryan) Kostal, and siblings Elliot Moore and Evan Lutz. In addition to his parents, he is also survived by his siblings.

Grandpa Patricia Moore and his grandfather Warren (Margaret) Butler both passed away peacefully. Ethan is survived by two beautiful nieces, a large number of devoted cousins, friends, and several more relatives including aunts, uncles, and other cousins. Before he was even born, his grandparents Mary Lou Moore and Douglas Moore had already passed away.

He was expelled from this planet by the two of them. In spite of his tough look, Ethan had a kind heart and a sensitive personality. He possessed the kind of love that filled his entire being, and his grin was so beautiful that it could light up the entire space. Everyone he came into contact with benefited from his thoughtfulness, friendliness, and loyalty. He was a fantastic friend. He enjoyed being outside, and if the weather permitted, he would go fishing.

He was grateful for the chance to do so. When Ethan first picked up a guitar when he was eleven years old, he knew right away that music was his true calling. Regardless of the crowd he performed for, he was able to hold their attention and put on a performance deserving of a seasoned artist. Ethan was very grateful for the special bonds he had with each of his siblings. He was held in the highest regard, not only by his beloved parents but by the numerous others who had the honor of knowing him. His parents never quit showing him love and concern.

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