Stephen Sheller Car Accident, DUI, Glen Mills PA, Resident Has Died

 Stephen Sheller Obituary, Death   There was a fatal car accident that took place on May 21st, 2023 in the community of Glen Mills Township in Pennsylvania. It has been determined that Stephen Sheller was the person who was killed as a result of the accident.

The victim’s name is Stephen Sheller. Sheller was fatally injured in the terrible vehicle accident, and she ultimately passed away as a result of the traumas she experienced. The authorities have not yet disclosed to the general public the pertinent data and information that led up to the occurrence of the event in question. A collision involving three automobiles took place in Glen Mills, which is located in Delaware County and is the focus of an investigation being conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police. On Thursday morning, just before 9:30, it took occurred at the crossroads of Spring Valley Road and Temple Road.

At the time that emergency personnel arrived at the scene, there was at least one person located inside one of the vehicles that were involved in the incident. After the collision, one of the vehicles had been thrown onto its roof and was lying on its side. The car had been lifted back onto its wheels, and helicopter number 6 was seen flying in the sky above.

Regarding the injury, there is currently no information that can be provided to the public. Springvalley Road is off-limits to drivers who are navigating between Temple and Brinton Lake, as advised by the state police.

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