Ash Jenkinson Obituary, Ash Jenkinson Has Passed Away

Ash Jenkinson Obituary, Death – The court has decided to raise the fine that must be paid by a lady from Queensland who stole the identity of the pilot who was killed in the Sea World helicopter tragedy in order to avoid paying a traffic ticket. The woman did this in order to avoid paying the requisite amount of money.

On Friday, in the Beenleigh Magistrates Court, Stephanie Louise Bennett wept openly as she entered a guilty plea to the counts of fraud by dishonestly inducing a person to act and one count of getting or dealing with another’s identify in order to conduct an indictable offence. She was charged with these offenses. Stephanie Louise Bennett was also charged with obtaining or dealing with another’s identification in order to conduct an indictable crime. Both of the allegations against her are connected to her use of the identity of another person in order to commit a crime.

On December 15, the lady, who was 33 years old, was pulled over for using her mobile phone while driving and stated that she had been using the identity of a deceased pilot called Ash Jenkinson. Although Bennett had previously been ticketed for using her mobile device while driving, this time the situation was different. Due to the fact that she was unable to pay the $1,078 fine, she incurred four demerit points, which resulted in the suspension of her driver’s license.

Bennett had been working really hard to get her life back on track and to repay a debt that she had once owing to the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER). She had just recently started working in a warehouse as a forklift driver, and the idea of having her license revoked filled her with dread as she contemplated the situation. She was concerned that she might be fired from her new employment against her will. As a result, she went through all of the obituary notices in an effort to identify another driver who she might accuse of being responsible for the fine.

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