Shane Phillips Missing, Last Seen in Wisecarver Park and Reservoir Greene County

Shane Phillips Missing, Help The Family of missing kayaker Shane – On the evening of May 18th, Shane Phillips, a devoted husband, and father, took his children and grandchildren kayaking at Wisecarver Park and Reservoir. Wisecarver Park is home to the reservoir. The park is conveniently located near a water reservoir. It was found that he had not returned home as expected and that he had left both his car and his kayak behind. Based on this evidence, we could deduce that he did not return home.

On Friday and Saturday, representatives from each and every local authority in the region took part in a thorough search, but they were unsuccessful in their efforts. The supplementary search that was carried out today, which also included participation from members of the general public, did not yield any positive results.

After the passing of a family member or friend, the family is at a loss as to what they should do next. Authorities are searching for a person who went missing at a park that is set to be renovated for usage by families. The area will soon be open to the public. Our house has a rear door, and this is directly outside of it

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