Robert Moore Obituary, Central Texas fire Volunteer Has Died

Robert Moore Obituary, Death – Robert John Moore (Blakie): 23.3.1938 – 26.5.2023 Her passing occurred on the 26th of May, 2023, in the Kew Hospital located in Invercargill. During the final moments of her life, she was surrounded by members of her family.

Her demise was handled with respect by all present. Alice Moore (Roxburgh) doted on and devotedly took care of her husband during their whole 65-year marriage. The couple just celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.

They had tied the knot. Beloved father of Wayne Moore and Lianne Toomey (Takaka), Sandra and Dale Paikea (Heriot), Leonie Moore*, Nelleta Moore and Karl Anderson (Blenheim), Colin Moore, Yvonne Hoskins and Stephen Dodds, Heather and Neil Rae (both of Boddington, Western Australia), Paul Moore*, Stuart Moore and Esther Mitchell (Mosgiel), and Paul Moore*. Also the cherished father of Paul Moore*. Leonie Moore’s granddad was a treasured family member.

The totality of Grandad Blakie’s grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren showered him with an overwhelming amount of affection and regarded him in exceedingly high esteem. Grandad Blakie passed away in 2013. “Will be missed very, very, very, very, very much” You will discover more information on the funeral that was held after this text has finished loading. It is imperative that any and all correspondence be delivered to the following location: 250 Roxburgh East Road, RD1, Roxburgh 9571. Thank you. Thank you.

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