Robert Gregg Obituary, Past Chairman, Sandbank Social Club Has Died

Robert Gregg Obituary, Death – The Sandbank Social Club would like to take this opportunity to offer its sincerest sympathies to Robert Gregg’s family and friends on the occasion of his passing. Even after Robert had moved on from his position as chairman of the committee, he continued to be a frequent visitor at the various social events as well as the regular meetings that were organized by the committee.

Robert was a member of the committee and served as its Chairman for a number of years during his time there. Additionally, Robert was a genuine and devoted member of the Lily of the Valley LOL131, the Maryhill Orange and Purple LOL D46, and the Orange Institution as a whole. He was a real Orangeman as well as a Sandbank Loyal member, and he held both titles with the dignity and honor that they deserved.

The passing of Robert is a tragedy that will leave an indelible mark on all of our lives. During this difficult and challenging time, our most sincere condolences go out to Robert’s immediate family as well as his friends.
I would ask that you please accept my sincere condolences on behalf of the entirety of the family. When I would run into him in the corridor, we would always have a great time kidding around about various things.

After the Glasgow march, he had me stand at the entrance and informed me that nobody was permitted to go inside. When I asked him, “If you say they’re getting in, how come you’re on the gate, how come you’re on the gate?” he responded by saying, “I’m on the gate, so no one is getting in.” He did not disclose the identity of the excellent mistress to me at the time; yet, she was granted access.

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