Raelene Bartlett Car Accident, Kansas Fatal Crash Victim Identified

Raelene Bartlett Car Accident, Death, Obituary – Raelene Bartlett dies in a Kansas fatal car accident. At the time of the crash on Interstate 70 in Wabaunsee County, which resulted in the death of a woman from Kansas City, the area was experiencing icy conditions. The icy conditions that were present at the time of the crash made things worse.

The crash occurred on Friday just before 4 o’clock in the afternoon in the westbound lanes of Interstate 70, right west of the Paxico exit, according to information released by the Kansas Highway Patrol. It was alleged that the driver of a truck lost control of his vehicle due to the slippery road conditions. After leaving the ground and rising into the air, the car veered off the road and overturned onto its roof.

State authorities claimed that Mayre Hernandez, a passenger in the truck engaged in the event who was thirty years old and hailed from Kansas City, Missouri, had been slain. When the vehicle was passing through Missouri, the accident happened. Although the collision left the driver with some scrapes and bruises, he was otherwise unscathed.

The two other kids who were with us at the time were also traveling in the van. There was a deadly accident on Interstate 70 in Wabaunsee County, according to witnesses who visited the scene on Friday afternoon. These details were gathered by visitors to the scene. To the west of Topeka is where you may find this specific site.

The accident was not interfering with any of the lanes’ regular operation, according to the dispatchers who spoke with KSNT 27 News about the incident. Officials in that region of the state started hearing reports of numerous accidents there on Friday night as the ice started to build on the highways in Northeast Kansas. This happened as ice in Northeast Kansas’s roads started to accumulate.

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