Rachel Breytenbach Obituary, Member Of The Mustard Seed Health Shop Has Sadly Passed Away

Rachel Breytenbach Obituary Death – Rachel Breytenbach will always be remembered as a very important friend to the members of Mustard Seed, and it has been a very trying ordeal for them to part ways with her. They are never going to forget her no matter how long they live.
Rachel and The Mustard Seed went back a very long way, and she came to see it as one of the closest and most reliable of her friends. She provided her aid there on a purely voluntary basis and served in the capacity of an assistant during her time there.
She was a well-known figure in Grahamstown, and she could be seen strutting arrogantly through the town with her cherished animal companion perched on her shoulder. In addition, she had a reputation for being rude. She was well-known in the community. Many individuals had the impression that she had a pessimistic outlook on life. Because of the things that she did when she was at Grahamstown, she became the center of a great deal of attention there.
It is not feasible to communicate in a precise and clear manner what she meant to each and every one of us here at Mustard Seed in the manner in which she intended to communicate it. Her legacy, together with the most cherished of our memories of her, will remain in our hearts for all eternity.
Because you are not here, things will never be the same for us, and that is something that we will never get used to. Things will never be the same for us.

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