Portia Box Suicide, Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand TikToker Found Dead

Portia Box Suicide, Death, Obituary – Portia Box a missing resident of Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand, and a TikToker has been found dead. Her heart ached as she read the comments made by her loved ones. Stay steadfast, stay grounded, and remain together.

I’m sending my strength to all of you so that you can support one another through this trying time. I want to offer my sincere apologies to all of Portia Box’s friends who went looking for their friend last night. Nobody ever expected this to be the outcome. I ask God to give her soul peace. If you think the system let her down or failed her in any way, please speak up immediately in the hopes that something good can come from something so terrible and that no one else has to experience what she did.

Each of us is grieving alongside you. to her family members, especially those sisters. Many people’s hearts have been profoundly broken by the loss of your gorgeous wings. Your smile is visible everywhere, and so is your face. Only if you understood how deeply and unconditionally loved and desired you were when you were on earth.

However, I do understand that life may be challenging at times, baby girl. My thoughts are with all of her family and friends, so I hope you’re dancing in heaven. Peace be with you, Hunnie. I was deeply saddened to learn that you, your darling girl, have been granted angelic wings. I ask that you never again experience sadness and that you always live in peace. Watch out for Sam in heaven; like my darling rescue puppy King Jed, he too attained his angel wings at an unusually young age and will keep watch over you. You, your family, and all of your loved ones have my sincere sympathies, Portia. Please know that tonight I will be praying for you and everyone you care about.

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