Peter Morris Obituary, Brynithel RFC Member Has Passed Away

Peter Morris Obituary, Death – I am sitting here writing this with a heavy heart since I just got the tragic news that one of our longtime supporters, Peter Morris, passed away, and because of this, I am writing this. He was a stalwart supporter of both our organization and the work that it does.

Peter has repeatedly shown over the course of a number of years that he is committed to the club by being a passionate supporter of the team’s throughout the course of those years. He has done this by attending many of the club’s events and games. I want and pray that he would be at peace for the entirety of eternity when he has passed away.

This information was obtained from a separate post that was published earlier today on Facebook. You can find the original post here. Ty’r Graig is the location of the home that is commonly referred to as Brynmawel House. The previous resident of that house was my cousin Peter Morris. In addition to that, he was the owner of the Garage in the Rock, which is a business that can be found on Commercial Road.

You’ll be able to locate it right here. It was brought to my attention the day before the previous one that he had died. I was unaware of his passing. I am grateful that you took the time to inform me of this. Irene, who later became his wife, participated with him at the club for a good portion of the time over the many years that he was actively involved with the organization. During that time, he was an extremely active member of the Beeg, where he also participated in the rugby team as a player. In addition to that, he participated in a lot of different club activities. It’s possible that there are one or two people in this group who can recall him. This is a likely scenario. There are a great number of individuals in this location. RIP Sid

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