Perth School Lockdown, Midland TX, School In Lockdown After ‘Armed’ Man Spotted

Perth School Lockdown – Due to unsubstantiated allegations that a suspicious and maybe armed motorbike rider had been seen in the neighborhood, a school in Perth was temporarily placed on lockdown for a short period of time.

The lockdown procedures at Middle Swan Primary School in the Stratton suburb of eastern Perth were activated late on Monday morning after Western Australia Police received complaints of a man acting suspiciously in the suburb shortly after 11 a.m. Middle Swan Primary School is located in the Stratton suburb.
According to a representative for the WA Police Department, “The man was last seen riding a black, red, and white off-road dirt bike, and it is believed that he was concealing his face.”

“According to unsubstantiated reports that the police have received, the individual may be in possession of a firearm. “A number of police resources are currently being deployed to the area in an effort to locate the individual.” The non-emergency hotline for the police department is 131 444, and anyone who has information about the strange rider should call that number. “Students were kept in classrooms for a brief period today as advised by local police as a precaution,

” said the note that the school sent home with students to provide to their parents and legal guardians. “At no point in time was there even a single student in danger.” Middle Swan Primary is an autonomous and publicly funded primary school that educates children in years one through six. Stratton is a tiny suburb of Perth that is primarily made up of residential areas.

It is located approximately 20 kilometers northeast of the city center. The event takes place just a few days after a school in the outer-northern neighborhood of Two Rocks went into lockdown after what is believed to be three rounds fired from a rifle in the school’s parking lot on Wednesday. In the course of such an event, nobody sustained any injuries.

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