Patrick Boucher Obituary, Victim identified in Polk County fatal crash Had Died

Patrick Boucher Obituary Death – A collision that happened on Highway 35 in the community of Dresser and involved two vehicles colliding head-on resulted in the death of one individual. The collision, which included two automobiles, was responsible for the loss of life of one individual. Both of the vehicles’ drivers were involved in some way in the collision that took place between their vehicles.

The information that was provided by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office indicates that the incident occurred on Monday at eleven in the morning. This information was provided by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. It was alleged that an automobile that was traveling north on Highway 35 and a pickup truck that was traveling south on Clark Road collided, which led to an accident that was reported to have taken place as a consequence of the collision by the authorities. The authorities indicated that the accident took place as a result of the collision. Only the drivers themselves were allowed to ride as passengers in any of the vehicles. There were no other passengers. There was not a single other passenger that was traveling with us.

On the basis of their observations at the site, medical professionals came to the conclusion that the person driving the automobile that was heading in the direction of the north had already fled, and they got at this judgment as a result of their investigation. The staff from the company that provides emergency medical services (EMS) transported the driver of the pickup truck to a local medical facility so that he could receive care there.

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