Paloma Valley High School, Menifee CA, School On Lockdown Following Police Investigation

Paloma Valley High School – The Menifee Police Department was made aware of a possible disturbance at Paloma Valley High School after receiving a complaint about the incident. Officers arrived at the school in what seemed like the blink of an eye after it had been placed under lockdown and after the lockdown itself had been triggered.

Following an examination of the incident, the Menifee Police Department came to the conclusion that the event could not have taken place. The lockdown at the school ended, and students and staff were allowed to return to their regularly scheduled activities, including classrooms. At this moment, there is not threat to either the general public or the school. The Menifee Police Department takes any and all threats made against our educational institutions extremely seriously. As a result, we make every effort to safeguard not only our young people but also the community as a whole.

At approximately 10:20 in the morning, the administration of PVHS and the Menifee Police Department issued a lockdown order for the school. When new information becomes available, it will be posted here as soon as it can be obtained. At this time, the entire campus, including the teaching and administrative personnel, is under lockdown until further notice. At this time, there is no danger that could be posed to any of the personnel or students.

We were finally able to lift the lockdown at 11:16 in the morning. Everyone, including students and staff members, is safe when they are on campus. We will now return to the bell times that have been regularly arranged for us. The Menifee Police Department contacted school authorities at approximately 10:20 in the morning that there was possibly a bomb on our campus.

The Menifee Police Department and the administration of the school worked very hard to search the campus thoroughly and to make it as secure as possible as quickly as they could. We would want to express our gratitude to our partners in law enforcement and let you know that we take very seriously any threat to the safety of our pupils.

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