Orange County bus and pickup truck crash sends child to hospital

Orange County – A young child required medical attention following a collision that occurred on Tuesday between a pickup vehicle and an Orange County District School bus. The child was transported there from the scene of the accident.

According to the reports from the Florida Highway Patrol, the incident took occurred in Orange County close to the intersection of Avalon Road and Davenport Road. More specifically, the intersection of Avalon Road and Davenport Road.

The driver of the vehicle is said to have ignored the school bus’s right of way, which led to the school bus colliding with the left front of the truck. This information comes from the authorities.

On the school bus that was going to take the children to their primary school, there were a total of 37 children present. As a precautionary measure, a toddler was brought to Horizon West Hospital to be evaluated and treated by the medical staff there.

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