New Mexico Mom Alexis Avila sentenced for tossing baby in trash bin

Alexis Avila sentenced for tossing baby – According to recently released police bodycam evidence, a New Mexico girl acknowledged to giving birth to a newborn boy and throwing him in a dumpster where he died.

‘It came out of me, I placed it in the bag,’ Alexee Trevizo, 19, is heard telling her mother. In the garbage bag. ‘I apologize, Mom.’Trevizo went to Artesia General Hospital with back discomfort on January 27, but testing indicated she was pregnant and in labor. She then spent an extended stretch of time locking herself in a hospital bathroom. When she returned, a cleaner discovered the restroom was covered in blood and summoned nurses after lifting the heavy garbage bag.

A doctor in a white lab coat tells Trevizo and her mother in the bodycam clip, ‘We discovered a dead infant in the restroom.’ ‘I’m sorry, it burst out of me and I didn’t know what to do,’ Trevizo says to the doctor. I was only terrified; I wasn’t crying or anything.’ Trevizo’s heartbroken mother clutches her head in her hands and begs her daughter, ‘What did you do?’ ‘What did you do to it?’ the mother asks, clutching her head in her hands in distress before the doctor urges her to stop right there’.

‘The number one priority, guys,’ the doctor continues, ‘is she just had a baby; I’m not sure if she delivered the placenta. ‘She’s bleeding heavily,’ she says, before stressing that the adolescent must be sent to the doctor. ‘I’m sorry about this, but in terms of having a baby and it appeared like you tried to hide it, we do have to have the police involved. ‘The baby will have to be brought for an autopsy, and there will be an investigator and everything,’ the doctor says calmly.

‘I’m really sorry, but we need to do this correctly, and I want to be open and honest with you about our next actions.’ ‘Nothing was crying, nothing came out,’ Trevizo continues. A male medic in the room then asks the mother and daughter if they have any questions, and Trevizo’s mother inquires as to the size of the baby. ‘It’s full term,’ says the masked medic. ‘What!’ she cries, implying that she was unaware her daughter was nine months pregnant prior to the birth. ‘Lexi, have you seen the news about what the girls do to their babies and how they end up in jail?’ the mother asks, frustrated.

Trevizo, who is traumatized, bursts into tears and is told that detectives are on their way to speak with her and that she is now being held in the hospital under police custody. ‘Our officers and crime scene processor, along with the hospital staff, experienced a tragic circumstance on that January morning and have been struggling with what they encountered,’ Artesia Police Department stated in a statement shared with ‘The catastrophic injury or death of a child is one of the worst calls any first responder or public service member has to attend to.

‘Because of our work titles, we are expected to be “tough” in these situations, but in reality, we are quite the reverse. ‘Our everyday calls of service or emergency responses are usually simply carried out with devotion and loyalty to our community, but a call like this can be a breaking point for some or all of those concerned. ‘It is critical that we provide the best resources, counseling, and stress management methods to help our personnel cope with this devastating occurrence so that they can continue their dedicated service.

‘As far as Trevizo is concerned, she has refused to speak to our investigators about the incident.’ A nurse told responding cops that Trevizo had a positive pregnancy test but denied having sex at the start of the disclosed body cam film. According to police, Trevizo secluded herself in the hospital restroom on January 27 and gave birth to the newborn boy before throwing him away. According to investigators, the baby had died by the time it was discovered. In March, an autopsy determined the cause of death to be homicide.

Trevizo was charged with first-degree murder, ‘or alternatively’ intentional abuse of a child resulting in death, and tampering with evidence on May 10. Trevizo has since been released from jail and will be able to complete the school year without the need of an ankle monitor or home arrest while she awaits her trial.

Trevizo’s attorney, Gary C. Mitchell, previously told the Associated Press that his client had no criminal past and should not be charged with murder. He stated that there are major differences in what transpired’ in the hospital and that ‘this isn’t a typical child abuse case.’ Artesia General Hospital and Alexee Trevizo’s agents were approached for comment. This is the second high-profile case in recent years involving a mother and her newborn infant in New Mexico. Alexis Avila, 19, was found guilty of dumping her newborn into an outside garbage container in Hobbs, New Mexico, in January 2020.

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