Nadyne Lloyd Missing, Warrensburg Missouri, Missing Person Was Found Dead

Nadyne Lloyd Missing, Death – Nadyne Danielle Lloyd, age 7, was last seen at 2:00 in the afternoon wearing shorts with a butterfly or flower print and a loose white tank top with a design on it. She is said to be of a mixed race, stands 4 feet 7 inches tall, weighs 50 pounds, and has brown hair that is curled into pigtails.

Her height is also given as being 4 feet 7 inches. Because she had her heart opened during surgery, she also has a significant scar on her chest. It is strongly recommended that inhabitants of Knob Noster stay away from the region around NE 641 Road. I spent time with this family today, and their daughter was never taken to children’s mercy, despite what you may have heard.

This is a very tragic and heartbreaking situation, and this family needs love and kindness, not people spreading stories. I don’t know why, after reading one message after another from people making up their own stories, you wouldn’t pray for this family after the passing of their very sweet daughter and sister, and you could also offer them food, hugs, prayers, and so on during this very tragic time.

I can’t even begin to comprehend how terrifying it must be for the child’s parents or guardians as they wait anxiously in anticipation of their child’s safe return. I can’t even begin to understand how terrifying it must be for them. The passing of the student was announced to the entire student body through email. Is there anyone who can shed some light on what just went place? This family will be remembered in my prayers going forward.

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