Milt Larsen Obituary, Milt Larsen Has Sadly Passed Away

Milt Larsen Obituary, Death – Milt Larsen Has Sadly Passed Away. It’s a sad day today. Milt Larsen, who had reached the age of 92, passed away peacefully at his house last evening. He had been a resident there for 92 years. In the year 1963, Milt and his brother Bill opened the Magic Castle in Hollywood, which is located in the state of California. Since I was a small boy, Milt has been one of the friends who I can count on the most to be there for me.

Milt and Bill spirited me away from the east coast so that I could attend the “It’s Magic” presentation on the west coast in 1981. This made it possible for me to travel there from the east coast. My good buddy Milt was the one who broke the news to me that I will be appearing on “The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson.” As a direct result of that performance, I was able to get my very first job in Las Vegas, which was also the beginning of a very successful career for me.

I was able to track down Milt in Santa Barbara on March 19 of this year and have a lengthy conversation with him there. At the period in question, the “It’s Magic” show that was performing at the Lobero Theater was entering its 65th year of operation. There were a number of people who provided entertainment, including myself. Milt Larsen, a close friend of mine, stands out to me as the one who has had the most profound influence on both the world of magic and on my own life.

He was the person who introduced me to the art of card tricks. In both of these areas, he has served as an example for me to follow. On the occasion of the passing of their cherished husband and father, I would like to express my deepest sympathies to his wife Arlene, the rest of his family, and everyone at the Academy of Magical Arts. Even if we had been able to predict and plan for this day, it will not make the challenge of coping with it any less difficult. Aloha Milt! We love you!

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