Micky Jagtiani Death, Obituary, Landmark Group Owner Has Sadly Passed Away

Micky Jagtiani Obituary, Death – Mukesh Micky Jagtiani, the Chairman of Landmark Group, is a man who has made his own success and is now the richest Indian in the United Arab Emirates. In the Middle East, his company is one of the leading importers of goods that are not related to food.

Micky Jagtiani got his start as a taxi driver and supplemented his income by working as a caretaker in hotels at the beginning of his career. A significant setback compelled him to go to Bahrain, and it was there that he made his first forays into the commercial world. In 1973, he founded a store that sold baby items with the $6,000 that he had inherited at the time. Micky Jagtiani was born in Kuwait, but he completed his primary and secondary education in Chennai and Mumbai.

After completing his education in India, he made the decision to relocate to London and enroll in a school of accounting there. Despite this, he did not finish the course and abandoned it in the middle of its duration. Micky Jagtiani started his company approximately ten years ago, and within a short amount of time, he extended it to six locations, and then within a short amount of time, it expanded to 6,000 outlets across more than 20 nations.

You understood that correctly. In the Middle East and Southeast Asia, he started enterprises related to the fashion industry, low-cost hotels, consumer electronics, and furniture. At the moment, more than 45000 people are employed here at Landmark. Renuka Jagtiani, who is also the company’s CEO and chairperson, is Micky Jagtiani’s wife. Micky is the company’s vice chairman. Their names are Rahul, Aarti, and Nisha, and they have three children. All of them hold the position of Group Director for the company.

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