Meredith Hasson Obituary, Wilmington, North Carolina Resident Has Died, GoFundMe

Meredith Hasson Obituary, Death – Meredith Hasson of Wilmington, North Carolina has passed away. After learning that our good friend Meredith had passed away, we were left feeling absolutely and completely saddened by the news.

Meredith exhibited the ability to enliven any environment, and we knew that we could always count on her to provide us with a good belly laugh when we needed one. She also had the ability to make everyone else around her laugh. Those who were around her were influenced both intellectually and positively by her joy. The loss of her presence at Colour Bar will be devastating for both her loved ones and her closest friends there. Meredith was a talented barber, but raising her children was by far the most important thing in her life.

It was a fun hobby for her to cut hair. The majority of the joy that she has experienced in her life came from the arrival of her son Ace. Meredith was without a doubt the most generous and altruistic person I’ve ever had the luxury of getting to know, and I will miss her very much. I will miss Meredith very much.

The information that she passed away on May 10th, 2023 brings forth a great lot of melancholy inside of me. Her son is the only living relative, and his need for support is greater now than it was when he was first discovered. Meredith was a wonderful mother who devoted her entire herself to the relationship that she shared with her son Ace. Meredith’s entire world revolved around Ace.

He was her everything. Not only am I working hard to save up enough money to pay for her funeral, but I also want to make sure that Ace’s transition from this world to the next is as peaceful and stress-free as is humanly and psychologically possible. Click HERE to visit Meredith Hasson’s GoFundMe page.

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