Matthew Moser Obituary, Alexandria, Virginia Bicycle Accident Victim Identified

Matthew Moser Obituary, Death – Matthew Moser has died in a fatal Alexandria, Virginia bicycle accident. In the town of Morris, he was born on November 8th, 1993. He was raised and attended his first few years of school in the city of Coal City, which also goes by that name. Matthew loved being outside and spent his free time sailing, fishing, and hunting.

He had a strong passion for nature. His primary interest is in vehicles, especially older models, thus he chose to start a career in the body restoration industry. His son Noah was the major object of his pride and joy throughout his entire life. Matthew was the kind of person who would lend a hand to anyone in need because of his friendliness, generosity, loyalty, love, and forgiveness. He was always there for anyone who needed help.

The only members of his family who are still alive are his son Noah Moser, his parents John and Karen Moser, sister Madison Moser, brother Christopher Moser, all of whom live in Coal City, brother Andrew Moser, nieces Faith and Eleanor Moser, all of whom live in Waltham, Massachusetts, and a sizable number of aunts, uncles, and cousins.

They held him in the highest regard as a person and a leader. His maternal grandparents, John and Esther Moser, had already passed away by the time he was born. Because of these, he was given the name Matthew.  A private funeral service will be held in the deceased’s honor later on. The funeral services will be followed immediately by the cremation processes. People who want to pay tribute to Matthew’s memory can give memorial donations to the family, which will be used to pay for Noah’s future education, rather than sending flowers. The presents will be utilized by the family.

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