Kristie Dow Car Accident, Canton, NY, Colton School Teaching Assistant Killed In Ghastly Crash

Kristie Dow Accident, Death – This morning’s weather is very obviously consistent with the atmosphere that has been present thus far. There are a select few people that I personally know who emit a certain aura that, simply by being in the same room with them, can’t help but bring a smile to your face… Those people are… Kristie Dow was the name of one of them in particular.

During the time that I have spent working as a Teaching Assistant, the thought of “what would Kristie do?” has sprung into my head on more than one occasion. I would do anything to have her reputation as well as the way in which she instinctually loved and understood every one of her pupils. I have always had a great deal of admiration not only for the lovely, caring family that Stacie Lee and Kristie come from but also for the strong friendship that the two of them enjoy with one another.

The few occasions on which I did get to spend time with Kristie, such as Cassie Dowdle’s bachelorette weekend and acting in the capacity of chauffeur, were among the most memorable and enjoyable periods of my life. My time spent with Kristie does not seem to have left me with many lasting recollections. dancing until our stockings come off and attending a couple of other family gatherings where we were able to catch up with one another were two of the activities that we participated in throughout our time together.

I really don’t have the capacity to understand the pain that the family is going through right now. I would say that I am more of a passing acquaintance with this person, but ever since I found out the sad news, I haven’t been able to control my tears… My heart practically breaks into a million pieces whenever I think of the families, friends, teachers, and students at the Colton school as well as the BOCES employees who were fortunate enough to have worked with Kristie. My thoughts also turn to the BOCES employees who were fortunate enough to have worked with Kristie. When something unexpected like this occurs, it truly helps put things into perspective for you.

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