Keith Lewis Obituary, Northumberland County Sheriff’s Office – Johnny Beauchamp Sheriff Deputy Has Died

Keith Lewis Obituary, Death – Keith Lewis Deputy of Northumberland County Sheriff’s Office – Johnny Beauchamp Sheriff Has Died . We must break the news to you all with a deep and sad heart that Deputy Keith Lewis passed away suddenly earlier today. Nearly 15 years of his life were spent protecting the citizens of Northumberland County, and Deputy Lewis was an exceptional deputy and person. He made a positive impact on the lives of a lot of local residents and was an outstanding coworker in every way.

Please remember to pray for the members of Deputy Lewis’s family as well as for our office, but above all, keep Keith in your thoughts and prayers. The legacy he left behind will live on through our performance.” -Sheriff Johnny Beauchamp The time I spent working with Keith was an experience that I will always be grateful for having the chance to have. Keith was not just a wonderful person but also an outstanding officer. There would be excitement each and every evening while he was out on the road!

He was vivacious, full of life, and driven by a desire to make the neighborhood a better and more secure environment for everyone. What a devastating loss. I am at a complete loss for words after learning of Keith’s demise. It was a privilege for me to know him and work with him at Haynesville for the better part of twenty years. He was not only a fantastic cop and employee but also an outstanding educator. Keith was one of those people who could make everyone grin.

Everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him will mourn his passing. My thoughts, prayers, and sincere condolences go out to the Northumberland County Sheriff’s Office and his wonderful family in particular. Lewis During this time of unanticipated tragedy, may God bless you, your lovely family, and your good friend. I pray that the Lord would keep you all in his loving care today, as well as in the days and months to follow.

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