John Watson Obituary, John Watson Has Sadly Passed Away

 John Watson Obituary, Death – John Watson Has Sadly Passed Away. This coming Saturday, the 20th of May, will mark the beginning of Bluegrass Night at The Moorings, and we are pleased to be hosting this event in honor of John Watson, who was a wonderful friend to The Moorings. Bluegrass Night will continue every Saturday night until the end of May. Every Saturday through the end of the month, there will be a gathering called Bluegrass Night.

It was always John’s goal, in addition to ours, to bring major bluegrass bands to The Moorings, and he passed away quite unexpectedly in 2022 under extremely tragic circumstances. We are going to make John’s dream come true this coming Saturday, and we are going to achieve it in collaboration with John’s wife, Hilda. The donation will aid Palliative Care at the Southwest Acute Hospital (SWAH), which cared for John while he was ill and also got the money from today’s event.

Palliative Care was the recipient of the funds raised tonight. The Southwest Acute Hospital was responsible for raising the funds.
There are a limited number of seats left for this show, and they may be purchased for a total investment of £15 (that’s fifteen pounds). The price of your ticket covers the cost of a light dinner, which will be served during the intermission of the show. If you call us at the number 028 6634 8679 on the 20th of May, 2023, you will have the opportunity to reserve a seat for yourself. Make a note of the current date in each of your calendars.

An unforgettable night spent in the company of good friends, filled with music and craic. Palliative Care, which is offered by SWAH, will receive support from the proceeds of this fundraising initiative. Tickets are currently available for purchase at The Moorings Restaurant in Bellanaleck for anyone who is interested in attending. The fact that we have a hospital is something that we consider to be of the utmost importance.

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