John Sprenkle Obituary, Selinsgrove Center Employees and Retirees Member Has Sadly Passed Away

John Sprenkle Obituary, Death – John Sprenkle Member of Selinsgrove Center Employees and Retirees Has Sadly Passed Away. John Kerlin Sprenkle February 22, 1956 – May 22, 2023 How do you write an obituary for someone who was “larger than life”? Well, it definitely cannot be something traditional. Over the past few days, as we have collected our thoughts and emotions, I struggled to put these words on paper. The hardest part was using words in past tense knowing that he is gone and everything I am about to say is just a memory. John spent his younger years terrorizing his parents and teachers in Port Trevorton, PA.
From what we understand he liked to push the limits quite often which landed him in some trouble with teachers and the authorities from time to time. When John graduated from Selinsgrove High School in 1974 by the skin of his teeth, Memmy Sprenkle was granted Sainthood, all the teachers had gray hair and several new laws were passed by the Selinsgrove Police Department. Following a couple in between jobs, John spent most of his working life employed by the Department of Public Welfare at Selinsgrove Center. There he worked as an aid, in laundry, and as part of the grounds crew. He was released from prison retired from Selinsgrove Center in 2010.
John would argue that the only good part of his time there was meeting Sheila and the friends he made. John enjoyed traveling to horse shows with his daughter and wife, where he was famous for handing out cool pops to all of the kids. He had a passion for keeping tidy trailers, campers and vehicles, and sometimes took it a bit too far. For a number of years, he enjoyed going on motorcycle and snowmobile trips with his buddies, but eventually he was deemed incapable of making good decisions and put that hobby to the side. He was always an avid hunter and loved preparing for bear and deer season each year. Maintaining the family cabin, feeding the boys, and butchering was always a highlight for him.
John also frequented the dirt track races (mainly Port Royal Speedway) over the years, in earlier days with his nephews and friends and more religiously in recent years with his son-in-law Ryan. More recently he could be found hanging out every morning at Ramsey’s Garage with Jakey and the rest of the guys, having a morning coffee with his late friend Bill and getting Hank a pup cup at Rutter’s, or camping during the summer with our crew. He was always busy, always thinking about someone besides himself, and always worried about what was next or how to do things better. John was indeed a great friend to many; so many people have said “he was one of my best friends”.
Above everything else always the best Husband, Dad, Father-In-Law, Brother, and Uncle (Unc). John would have given his family and friends the shirt off his back and the money out of his wallet. John was a fighter until his last breath. He had battled some type of cancer or another for the last 40 years, yet still managed to make everyone else a priority over himself. 67 years is far too little time on this Earth. Everyone can’t help but think about all he still had left to do…for certain he had a to-do list running through that head of his. The only silver lining to this heartbreak is the fact that John will now get to spend time with his late son Jesse and all other family members that have left us too soon.
We can only hope that here on Earth we will make him proud carrying on with the grit, generosity and vibrance that he brought into this world for so many. To honor John’s wishes, there will not be any formal services planned. His request was to have a “garage party” when we are able. Family and friends will be notified when that time comes. In lieu of flowers John would appreciate a contribution to the rescue where we adopted his beloved Hank. Please mail a donation to Haven to Home Canine Rescue, P.O. Box 851 Berwick, PA 18603.
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