Jerry Brown Obituary, Former Deputy Pueblo West Fire Department Has Died

 Jerry Brown Death, Obituary- During the course of the past week, each of us has suffered the loss of a member of our personal family as well as a close friend. On Monday, Jerry Brown, who had a history of serving as a deputy fire chief, died away serenely with his family and friends at his side. He had been serving in that role for a considerable amount of time.

He worked with Pueblo West Fire for the greater part of twenty years, during which time we were in the process of changing from a volunteer fire department to a paid one. During this period, he saw the transition from volunteer to paid firefighters. During that period, he was a participant in the change that was taking place.

Throughout the course of his career, in addition to working for the Fire Department of the Metro District, he also held roles with the Water Department of the Metro District and the Streets and Roads Department of the Metro District at various periods. He began his professional life as an employee of the Streets and Roads Department of the Metro District.

Not just on the division in which he served but also on the Metropolitan District as a whole, his legacy as a leader continues to have an effect thanks to his honesty, his dedication to the highest possible standards of professionalism, and his legacy as a former department head. During this difficult time, I will continue to keep Jerry’s family and friends in my thoughts and prayers. I am sorry for the hardships they are going through.

Right now, I am keeping them in my thoughts and praying for them. When I worked at PWFD, it was a pleasure to get to know Jerry, and he was able to offer me some fantastic direction throughout my time there. Getting to know Jerry was a highlight of my time there. During that time, I found working there to be incredibly fulfilling, and I continued to enjoy doing so. You may rest certain that you will never be forgotten about at any point in time. So sorry, Lynn! You’re going to need all of the wonderful experiences and memories you’ve had in the past to get you through this challenging time, so keep them close by.

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