Jenny Marques Obituary Townsend, MA, GoFundMe Opened For The Marques Family

Jenny Marques Obituary, Death – Jenny Marques passed away under strange circumstances as a result of recent occurrences. The exceptional daughter, sister, and friend that Jenny was will always be remembered by everyone who had the wonderful pleasure to know her. Anyone who had the opportunity to interact with Jenny will never forget her.

She was an active member of our community and played sports like softball, basketball, and lacrosse. Even the most unhappy person could grin and laugh at Jenny because she was as radiant as the sun and had the most gorgeous smile. She went out of her way to let those she cared about know how much they meant to her. In an effort to delay the appearance of wrinkles, Jenny was also well-known for her “mild” fixation with Aquaphor, which she applied to her skin frequently.

This was one of the things that helped to build her reputation. Everyone who knew and loved her will experience a profound feeling of loss upon learning of her passing. We want to build a fitting memorial in Jenny’s honor because she deserves one. We are hosting a fundraising event to support the family at this trying time and to assist in lowering funeral expenses.

Our goal is to contribute at least $10,000 to this deserving cause. Jenny was an excellent student who usually had a smile on her face and was upbeat. She was a fortunate student for me, and I will always value the memories of her time working as an attorney at Justice and the Law. In this trying time, I’m thinking of and praying for everyone. In addition to being a fantastic basketball player, Jenny was a wonderful friend who never failed to make me smile. One of my greatest memories is the moment we both started laughing hysterically about the tiny Disney poster that came with my happy meal on the night we went to McDonald’s and sneaked it back into the high school game.

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