Jeffery S. Thomas Obituary, Resident Of Hjelviks Road U.S. Highway Has Died

Jeffery S. Thomas Obituary Death – Jeffery S. Thomas, a motorcyclist from Kingston, has been identified as the individual who perished in the collision that took place on Friday near to the intersection of Hjelviks Road and U.S. Highway 101. The incident occurred in the vicinity of the crossroads. The crash happened close to where the two highways intersected with one another. The medical staff who responded to the scene of the crash confirmed that Thomas had died there. He was 33.

An accident occurred on Friday at approximately 11:26 a.m., when a tractor-trailer was getting ready to pull into the parking lot of the Yelvik General Store, according to the reports from the State Patrol. At that time, the vehicle was involved in an accident. When he was out with three other persons from Naval Base Kitsap in Bremerton on a pleasure excursion on Highway 101, they were traveling in the other direction of usual traffic.

Specifically, they were heading in the direction of westbound traffic.According to the letter that was written by the troopers, Thomas was stated to have passed away at the scene of the collision after rushing into the back of the vehicle. This was indicated in the letter.It was a stroke of good luck that truck driver Thomas M. Perkins, 62, and passenger Cheryl L. Perkins, 60, both of Poulsbo, were able to escape the collision unscathed. They both go by the surname of Perkins. Thomas and the other passenger were both restrained in their seats with seat belts, and Thomas additionally wore a helmet for added protection. The other passenger was also restrained in their seats with seat belts.

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