Jason Butchart Obituary, Fisher Fire Department Member Dies In A Car Accident

Jason Butchart Obituary, Death – Jason Butchart, a firefighter volunteer at Fisher Fire Department has died in a car accident. For our volunteers, yesterday started off like any other day, but it tragically ended. When we were paged to a two-vehicle accident with six patients injured, including a baby who was 10 months old, our members were going about their normal activities.

Members arrived at the scene quickly, whether they were in our fire trucks or their own personal vehicles. When I arrived, it was crowded, as it usually is in circumstances like this. Along with the victims, there were further witnesses providing support. STARS and the ambulance were supposed to arrive in 30 minutes, according to the information we were given. Our department had a secret weapon, despite the fact that many of the senior members present had seen innumerable incidents of this nature.

Jason was his name. Soon after our first trucks arrived, Jay walked over and took control of the “medical” portion of what was needed. Given his background as a medical expert, Jay’s knowledge and abilities were far superior to anything the rest of us offered to the situation. Jay gave the rest of us a sense of security.

He had a talent for rallying the troops, motivating us, and giving us faith that everything will work out. We ended that call after helping with patient extrication and any necessary medical treatment, feeling as good as we could under the circumstances. Our responsibility was complete because EMS was now in control of the patients. We chatted while waiting to be let out of the place after running into each other on the road.

Jay was overjoyed to have switched up his Harley for an adventure bike when he told us about his most recent motorcycle journey. He gave everyone one of his signature fist pumps and a final “good job everyone” before departing to go back to work at the Percy E. Moore hospital. A radio communication from 911 asking if we had any members ready to help EMS with another emergency close to Fisher Branch came in twenty minutes later.

We had no notion that the fist bumps we gave Jay might be our last. Unaware of what had occurred, we returned to Fisher Branch in yet another insane hurry. just to discover Jay was actually in danger. We shall never forget that day. Jay, our brother, and buddy had vanished. It’s hard for us to convey our pain since it’s so severe.

Even though he was only with us for two short years, Jay was a priceless source of knowledge, certainty, and experience. We extend our sincere sympathies to Jay’s family on behalf of the department, the firefighter family, and Jay himself. We also value the generosity and good deeds of the fire departments in the villages around. disappeared yet never forgot. Jason Butchart will be eternally in our memories.

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