James J. Burns Obituary, Member Of World Trade Centre Has Sadly Passed Away

James J. Burns Obituary  Death – The former Lieutenant James J. Burns II of Engine 46, who had been battling a condition associated to the World Trade Centre for some time, passed away unexpectedly on May 26, 2023. He had been suffering from the disease for a considerable amount of time. He had been putting up a struggle against this sickness for a considerable amount of time.

Burns has been a part of Engine 46 for a significant amount of the time that the organisation has been in operation. At the same time that they are telling everyone that he has passed away, the employees of the department are offering those around them their most sincere sympathies and alerting everyone else that he has passed away. Lt. Burns II established a reputation for himself by making a significant impact as a member of our superior department for the better part of four decades.

His contributions were excellent. His wife, Maureen, his three children and their wives, Maura and Kevin Creeden, Erin and Chris Lee, and Lauren Burns, as well as his grandchildren Ryan, Kaleigh, Morgan, and McKenna, as well as his extended family and friends, are some of the people who will continue to remember and cherish him after he has passed away. This group includes not only his direct family but also members of his extended family as well. In addition to this, the people who were a part of his extended family as well as the friends that he had would always remember him with a warm and fuzzy feeling in their hearts.

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