Jacklyn Zeman Death, Veteran Soap Star Has Sadly Passed Away Aged 70

Jacklyn Zeman Death – The executive producer of the show, Frank Valentini, revealed on Wednesday that Jacklyn Zeman, who played Bobbie Spencer on the soap opera “General Hospital” for more than 40 years, had passed away. She was 70 years old. “Jackie will be sorely missed, but our cast and staff will never forget her upbeat attitude. We offer our sincere condolences to her friends, family, and loved ones, Valentini wrote in a social media message.

According to IMDB, Zeman debuted in the cast of the enduring daytime drama in 1977. “She leaves behind a lasting legacy for her Emmy-nominated portrayal of the bad girl turned heroine and will always be remembered for her kind heart and radiant spirit,” stated a tweet from the “General Hospital” Twitter account. We express our sincere condolences to Jackie’s family, friends, and other loved ones and say that we are grieved by the news of her passing.

Zeman, who was raised in Englewood, New Jersey, graduated from high school at the age of 15 and was awarded a dancing scholarship by New York University. Before obtaining a role on “One Life to Live” in 1976, she danced professionally and worked as a model while pursuing her degree. The three days of work that were meant to be spent playing Lana McClain turned into more than a year, and the part gave Zeman a taste for daytime television. She later landed the starring role in “General Hospital” as nurse Bobbie Spencer.

Prior to her big break on the soap opera, Zeman had worked as a Playboy bunny and an actor in commercials to help pay the bills. She stated in an interview with “The Locher Room” that was shown nine months ago on YouTube, “I did a lot of traveling while I worked for Mr. Hefner and I liked that. “It taught me how to do interviews, how to be on TV, you know, a lot of things that later on when I became an actress and had the opportunity to promote my shows, I was very comfortable with that.”

Zeman also had appearances in films and plays on Broadway and off-Broadway, such as “Young Doctors in Love” and “National Lampoon’s Class Reunion.” She played Sofia Mason in the drama “The Bay” from 2010 to 2022. The actress enjoyed her time on “General Hospital” and was similarly adored by both the show’s audience and her co-stars. In a statement to CNN, Rick Springfield, who played Dr. Noah Drake in the drama, said he was “incredibly stunned and brokenhearted to hear of Jackie’s passing.”

Springfield described her as “such a truly kind soul with no hint of the diva and only sweet things to say about everyone.” “She was the one (along with [producer] Gloria Monty) who helped launch my career in the 1980s when Gloria asked Jackie who she thought would make a good Noah Drake after the screen test along with several other hopeful young men, and God bless her if Jackie didn’t say me.” “Love to your spirit as it ascends, sweet girl,” he continued. “You made an impression on a lot of us, and we won’t forget you.”

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