Jack Jallo Obituary, Tampa Florida, Native Has Sadly Passed Away

Jack Jallo Obituary, Death – Jared Jack Jallo You have no clue how much you’ll be missed and how much we all cared for and loved you; your laugh practically lit up the room. You have no idea how much we’ll miss you. I despise the fact that I have to search through all of our past conversations and our extensive history together in order to find images of you with which to reflect on happier times.

Rather than just being able to run into you the next time you visit Tampa. During Hurricane Irma, you and those who weren’t in safe places essentially offered your home to me, and you always gave whatever you did your complete attention and gave it your best attempt. Together, we participated in tabletop and multi-year Star Wars campaigns. Despite the innumerable memories, good times, and laughs we shared throughout those experiences, it makes me sad that I only have a precious few recordings of your voice or your likeness.

I now regret not taking advantage of the opportunity to take more, but at the time, I mistakenly believed that I would have a great deal more time to do so. To tell you the truth, it still does not really feel real to me at this point. I am holding my breath, waiting for the other shoe to fall. Hold on, what!? Since we were both in middle school, I’ve known Jack.

Other than the occasional comment on Facebook or Instagram, I wish we had kept in closer contact with one another. This is a devastating blow. After high school, I would stroll to the Circle K and shite before playing tabletops with my friends. Those are days that I will never forget. This one hits quite close to home. May you ever find rest.

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