Ingraham High School Shooting, Murder Suspect Will Face First-Degree Murder Charges

Ingraham High School Shooting – Documents reveal that a 14-year-old student at Seattle’s Ingraham High School is suspected of bringing guns to school one month before another student, aged 17, was fatally shot. KUOW requested the district’s public records and learned that on October 3, staff personnel at Ingraham removed a large knife and a BB gun from the boy’s hands because of safety concerns.

Even though the student has the opportunity to appeal, is it not possible for us to expel them immediately? Communication was sent from one member of the staff to another. According to the evidence presented, the educator instead made the decision to place the student on indefinite suspension from school. A spokesman for the district has chosen not to comment in light of the pending legal processes concerning the incident and the student.

According to Detective Judinna Gulpan of the Seattle Police Department, the report from the firearms incident that took place in October is related to “an active and ongoing investigation involving multiple juveniles.” This investigation is still taking place. Despite this, she did not provide KUOW with a copy of the report that she had compiled.

Any student who brings a firearm into school property violates the law and is subject to expulsion from the educational facility. Despite the fact that BB guns are allowed to be owned and used legally in the vast majority of states, Washington does not classify them as firearms. The hearing before the juvenile court to decide whether or not the juvenile offender, who is only 14 years old, would be tried as an adult for first-degree murder is slated to take place in June. He is now being held in jail.


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