Hilton Israelson Periodontist Obituary, Dallas, TX, Former President Of Texas Dental Association Has Died

Hilton Israelson Obituary, Death – Hilton Israelson of Dallas, Texas has passed away. The executive committee and staff of the Texas Dental Association are in disbelief and shock upon the news of Dr. Hilton Israelson’s passing earlier today. During the years 2008 and 2009, Dr. Israelson presided over the TDA as its president.

At the age of 81, Dr. Israelson gently died away in his own home on May 19, 2018. Dr. Israelson held the position of Trustee for the American Dental Association (15th District) from 2011 to 2015, overseeing the state of Texas. This job was in place from 2011 to 2015. In this trying time, we want his wife Maureen, his kids, and grandchildren to know that they are on our minds and in our prayers. Additionally, we want them to know that they are in our prayers and thoughts.

We also want his children to know that they are in our minds and in our prayers all the time. Dr. Israelson, those who had the honor of getting to know you will always have fond memories of you, and your legacy will live on. Doctors gave Hilton Israelson an unexpected illness diagnosis on Friday, and as a result of his illness, he unexpectedly passed away on Saturday.

Renowned periodontist Hilton lived in Dallas. There was where he worked. He substantially influenced the lives of many people over the course of several decades. He was a model employee, an expert practitioner, a perfectionist, a man of integrity and compassion, humble and mild-mannered, a philanthropist, and he gave to a fault. He had high ideals. He had high ideals. He was a kind and morally pure person.

He was courteous and kept a low profile. Hilton passed away not long ago. For many others, including his wife, children, and grandchildren, Hilton was a dedicated and loved friend, brother, and family member. He was especially devoted to his grandchildren. It would be a terrible understatement to say that his departure will go unnoticed; rather, it will result in the community being left with a gaping hole as a direct result of his absence. We’ll cross our fingers in hopes that his legacy will bring good fortune for a very long time into the foreseeable future.

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