Gloria Tovar Murder, California, Victim of Homicide Was Shot and Killed In Her Car

Gloria Tovar Murder, Death – According to the Los Angeles Police Department, Gloria Tovar, a Latina 59 years old, was shot and died early on August 24, 2014, when she was sitting in her parked automobile in Pacoima’s 12900 block of Filmore Street.

Around 6:45 a.m., Tovar was shot in the head while waiting in her car to pick up a friend for church, according to investigators. She expired there and then. “It’s like what everyone fears,” Lucia Montano, Tovar’s daughter, told the Los Angeles Times. “I doubt she even noticed him,” Investigators think Tovar was one of three victims killed that morning in the Pacoima-San Fernando region during a one-hour shooting rampage.

On her way to early morning Mass with her family, Mariana Franco, 23, was shot and died at around 5:50 a.m. in the 1400 block of Celis Street in San Fernando. And while looking for cans to recycle, Michael Planells, 29, was shot and died in the parking lot of the Sylmar Recreation Center at 13109 Borden Avenue. In connection with the seemingly random shootings, the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office has accused Alexander Hernandez, 34, of Sylmar, of five counts of capital murder and ten counts of attempted murder.

Hernandez allegedly fired 15 shots at persons in the San Fernando Valley between March and August of 2014, leaving five people dead and eight others injured. Hernandez is also charged with killing Gildardo Morales, 48, as he was going to work in Pacoima on August 21 and Sergio Sanchez, 35, while he was driving home from work early on March 14, 2014, close to the Roxford Street offramp to the 210 Freeway.

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