FTC Says Meta Should Be Barred From Monetizing Data From Younger Users

Since an independent auditor found that the company did not comply with a privacy mandate that goes into effect in the year 2020, the Federal Trade Commission has decided to take action against Meta for its use of the data of young users. This decision was made because of the independent auditor’s findings. In light of these findings, the Federal Trade Commission has made the decision to pursue action against Meta.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) disclosed on Wednesday that it is mulling over potential revisions to the privacy order that would prohibit Meta, the parent company of Facebook, from profiting from the data of users who are younger than the age of 18. The company’s privacy program was found to have “several gaps and weaknesses” by an examiner, which “pose substantial risks to the public.” As a result of this, the company came to the conclusion that it needed to take the specific action that it did.

In a news statement, Samuel Levine, who is the director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection at the Federal Trade Commission, stated that “Facebook has repeatedly violated its privacy promises.” “The carelessness of the company has put the safety of its younger users in jeopardy, and Facebook needs to provide an explanation for its shortcomings.” “The safety of its younger users has been put in jeopardy.” Because to the actions of the firm, the wellbeing of the platform’s younger users is now in peril.

Thomas Richards, who serves as a spokesperson for Meta, stated that the company has “spent vast resources building and implementing an industry-leading privacy program under the terms of our FTC agreement.”


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