Evan Elliott Obituary, Resident Of Montgomery County Has Sadly Passed Away

 Evan Elliott Obituary Death – On Saturday, the body of a kid who had recently turned three years old when they passed away was discovered in Montgomery County, according to the report that was issued by the county coroner. It was not immediately possible to obtain the child’s name.It was later determined that the infant had passed away while being treated at St. Joseph Hospital, as stated by the Montgomery County Coroner, who indicated that the child had been hit by a vehicle and transported to St. Joseph Hospital following the incident.

It was also revealed that the kid had been taken to St. Joseph Hospital following the incident. The youngster passed away while they were receiving treatment at St. Joseph Hospital. The hospital was unable to save the child. This information was collected from the local police station, and as such, that establishment is acknowledged as being its source.It has been brought to our attention that the child who is the subject of this investigation is a young adult male who goes by the name Evan Elliott and that he presently resides in Montgomery County.

This information was provided to us by a member of the public. Evan Elliott is a name that has been bestowed to him by individuals who are familiar with him.After a request for an autopsy was made about the body of the person who had died away not too long ago, the body was transferred to the office of the State Medical Examiner in the state of Kentucky in order for the autopsy to be done there. The individual who had passed away not too long ago was located in the state of Kentucky.

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