Erica Pitman Obituary, Erica Pitman Has Unexpectedly Passed Away

Erica Pitman Obituary, Death – Erica Pitman Has Unexpectedly Passed Away. The level of terrible melancholy that we have experienced as a direct result of the fact that the news of Erica Pitman’s passing has reached us was not something for which we had been adequately prepared. The tragic news of her passing away has resulted in our experiencing. Erica was employed as a grief counselor and as a funeral celebrant at both Over The Rainbow Funerals Co. and Sydney Funeral Co., where she was a member of the staff.

She worked at both of these establishments. Her responsibilities included directing funeral services and officiating funerals at both of the companies she worked for. Her coworkers at both of these funeral homes held a deep regard and respect for her throughout her career in the funeral service. When Erica passes away, everyone who had a significant connection with her will feel a feeling of loss in their own unique way because of the absence of the person with whom they shared that relationship.

On the third of June, there will be a memorial service held in her honor at The View Hotel, which is located in North Sydney. The service will begin at eleven in the morning. In her memory, the service will be place later today. Please know that we will be eternally grateful to you if you are able to be here with us as we celebrate her life and the legacy that she leaves behind if you do have the opportunity to do so.

Everyone who knew her or held her in high esteem and who had the opportunity to be a part of her life is encouraged to come celebrate her legacy and pay their respects to her. She will be honored for her contributions to this world and will be missed. Your presence will be a source of pride for her. The presence of those who were familiar with her and held a high regard for her will be a privilege for her. She will feel honored by their presence.

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