Elizabeth Whittles Obituary, Elizabeth Whittles Has Unexpectedly Passed Away

Elizabeth Whittles Obituary, Death – Elizabeth Whittles Has Unexpectedly Passed Away. It is with deep regret that we must inform you of the recent passing of Elizabeth “Libby” Whittles. Jenny, Libby’s mother, wrote in an email that “Libby left this earth far too soon due to the tragic effects of SUDEP on May 3rd.” Libby was only 10 years old and had the kindest and most loving spirit of anyone you could ever meet. She had a lot of fun hanging around with her elder siblings Bella and Ben, as well as her twin brother Joe.

She was always curious about what everyone else was doing and where all of the animals were, and she almost always had at least one of the creatures in her possession at any one time. When Libby was 18 months old, she was evaluated and given a diagnosis of epilepsy. We did everything in our power to be by her side, ensuring that she was safeguarded and secure the entire time. Libby’s epilepsy was a constant struggle for her, and despite taking a large number of medications and having a VNS transplant, her seizures were never fully under control.

Libby has never allowed this debilitating affliction to dictate the course of her life, and for that, we are so incredibly proud of her. To the fullest extent possible, she cherished each and every moment of her existence. She was blessed with the most beautiful smile, the most infectious laugh, and an overflowing supply of joy that she spread all over the place. After Libby passed away, our family came to the conclusion that her organs should be donated, and now we are pleased to report that Libby’s memory will never be forgotten.

Her other organs have been successfully transplanted into recipients located around the state of Florida, and her heart is currently doing well in the hands of a recipient in the state of Georgia. This is a precise representation of exactly how giving Libby was as a child, as seen by the fact that she would have done everything to assist others. May the person who receives Libby’s heart realize how much love it contains and have the courage to carry on living their life in the same way that Libby did for the rest of their lives. Our Danny Did family sends their hugs and prayers to her and her loved ones.

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