Edward Strianese Obituary, Edward Strianese Has Sadly Passed Away

Edward Strianese Obituary, Death – Edward Strianese Has Sadly Passed Away. We are sorry to be the ones to break the news to you, but Edward “Ned” J. Strianese, who resided in Burlington, Vermont, and was 66 years old, passed away lately. We are sorry to be the ones to do it. He had served his country well in the United States Air Force. We are quite sorry that we are the ones who will have to carry it out. While serving his country in the United States Air Force, he had achieved a great deal of success and recognition.

On the evening of Monday, June 26, members of Ned’s family and friends are welcome to the St. John’s Club in Burlington, Vermont, from four to nine o’clock in the evening to pay their respects and celebrate his life, which was a life that was lived to the fullest possible extent. The event will take place in honor of Ned, whose life was a life that was lived to the fullest possible extent. The entrance to the St. John’s Club, which can be found on Central Avenue at number 9, is free for anybody to use.

A celebration will be given in honor of Ned, who made the most of every chance that was afforded to him throughout his life, so that we can remember him as someone who seized every opportunity that came his way. In his honor, we shall do this so that we can commemorate his life. The evening will begin at five o’clock with personal comments, and immediately following those comments, there will be food and music.

The event will conclude at eleven o’clock. The event will come to a close around nine o’clock in the evening. Before the body of the deceased person is laid to rest for good, there will be a ceremony to recognize the passage of the body of the person who has passed away. However, the ceremony will be a private event and will not be open to the general public.

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