Criselda Perez Obituary, Criselda Perez Has Unexpectedly Passed Away

Criselda Perez Obituary, Death – Criselda Perez Has Unexpectedly Passed Away. Because of the things that have transpired as a direct result of the loss that you have gone through, all of us are suffering through not just grief, but also a deep sense of sorrow because of what has happened. Because of what has transpired as a direct consequence of what has taken place as a direct consequence of the loss that you have been through, this is something that is having an effect on each and every one of us.

It is reasonable to assume that this will take place given that this is a direct result of what has taken place in the past. As a consequence of this, each and every one of us has been influenced, albeit to varied degrees depending on the particulars of our individual circumstances. As a result of this, we have all been impacted. During this difficult time following the death of a loved one, we pray to God that he will give you the strength to go on living your life as usual and that he will comfort you with his presence.

We ask that he will grant you the strength to complete the task at hand. It is one of our deepest hopes and prayers that he will succeed. In addition, we ask God to provide you the fortitude to carry on with the rest of your life in spite of the terrible thing that has happened. Please know that this is something that we pray for. Be aware that everyone here is praying for you right now in this very moment.

No more pain na jud dat , we know ug unsa ka ning fight sa imong sakit pero God only knows sa tanan. Lisuda kaajo dawaton nga arang dalia ra kaajos mga panghitabo We want you to know, Criselda Lopizan Perez, that we are already missing you a great deal and that we are frequently thinking about you and how much we care about you. ajo² sa imong paglakaw uban sa imong mga Angel og atong langitnong Amahan .

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