Chuck Portaro Obituary, Member Of Banner Elk Presbyterian Church Had Sadly Passed Away

Chuck Portaro Obituary Death – The piece of knowledge that, at any point in a person’s life, is likely to be the cause of that person feeling the greatest sense of hopelessness that they are capable of experiencing. Chuck Portaro, who had been our liturgist the previous Sunday, passed away unexpectedly last night at his home in High Point, North Carolina. His passing was deeply tragic. Chuck had been struggling with his health for some time.

Everyone has suffered a great loss as a result of his passing. Since quite some time ago, Chuck’s health had been an ongoing and significant cause for concern. When he made the choice to stand down from his position as our liturgist, he had already been doing so for a little bit more than a week at that point when he announced that he was resigning from his position as our liturgist. There has been no advancement made in finalizing the arrangements for the funeral; however, updates will be published as soon as they become available when they become available.

The funeral preparations have not yet reached the point where they are totally finished and brought to a close. Keep his family with your thoughts and prayers as you go through this trying time. They could use your support. They may truly benefit from some assistance especially at this moment. While they are making their way along this route, it might be helpful for them to have some assistance. They need as much assistance as they can get their hands on at the moment because of the situation they are in.

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