Charlie Elliott Obituary, Killed After Being Struck By Train

Charlie Elliott Obituary Death – They were struck and killed by a train when they were walking on the tracks near a park in Cabot when the accident occurred. Teenagers comprised both of the victims in this case.Liam Harrison and Charlie Elliott, both 16 years old, are said to have passed away in Cabot on Saturday evening, as reported by the local police.Officers reported that they found the body of one of the murdered adolescents lying next to the double-tracked Union Pacific Railroad line. The body of the second murdered youngster was found below the train after it had stopped because a strike indicator had been activated.

The pair was found in the neighborhood of a large park that featured both baseball and soccer fields. The park was named after both sports. There is not even a single railroad crossing anywhere in the surrounding area.A witness told the Cabot police that the children moved to the northbound tracks when they observed a train heading in the opposite direction on the rails that were closest to the park. This information was relayed to the Cabot police by the witness.

However, the witness indicated that another train driving in the opposite direction was also approaching, and the train traveling in the opposite direction stopped not long afterward, evidently after hitting the boys. The witness also stated that the boys were hit by the train traveling in the opposite direction.There were no reports of any injuries occurring among the crew of the train. Union Pacific, which has its headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, has said that it is working along with the regional authorities.

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