Catherine Boggs Obituary, E.E. Reed Construction East Coast Member Has Died

Catherine Boggs Death, Obituary- The news of Catherine Boggs’ departure has brought on a mood of profound melancholy for all of us here at the Boggs family. She was the one who ensured that everything at our E.E. Reed office located on the East Coast ran smoothly and effectively.

Since she started working for this firm in the year 2000, she has constantly shown an unwavering dedication to both the success of the organization in accomplishing its goals and the development of its operations. This is something she has done regularly since she began her employment. Because of the immense influence that she has had on their lives, the E.E. Reed family has undergone a substantial change as a direct result of the impact that she has had on their lives.

Even after Catherine has passed away, her legacy will live on thanks to the stories that are told about the unwavering honesty, relentless tenacity, and unshakeable integrity that she displayed in all that she accomplished. We will always hold the legacy that our mother has left behind in the highest regard, and we will always try our best to live up to the high expectations that our mother had for each of us.

Oh, how I long for her phone conversations and all of the emails she wrote back and forth to coordinate a variety of things, including employment and other things. I miss them so much. During this time of difficulty, you, her coworkers, her family, and especially Marshall are in my thoughts and prayers. In particular, I am thinking about Marshall. I am saddened by the news of her passing. I will pray specifically for each one of you in this group. When I heard that Catherine had passed away, I was overcome with an overwhelming sense of loss. She never stopped looking out for EE Reed’s best interests, and EE Reed was thankful to her for doing so throughout their whole relationship. It has been wonderful having her here with us, and we are going to miss that.

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