Carter Fisher Obituary, Carter Fisher Has Sadly Passed Away

Carter Fisher Obituary, Death – Carter Fisher Has Sadly Passed Away. Miss. (WTOK) – An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) was involved in an accident that took place on Monday, and as a result, a child who was 11 years old lost his life as a result of the incident. Following in the footsteps of the fisherman, it was determined that the infant would be given the name Carter B. Fisher.

According to the Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun, 911 received a call on Monday afternoon reporting that a four-wheeler had gone off the road on Dees Road. The caller stated that the vehicle had been found in a ditch. According to the information provided by the caller, the vehicle could be found on Dees Road. The call delivered details on the event in their entirety to those who were listening.

Someone who was not a part of the child’s family was the one who discovered the youngster and asked for aid, which resulted in the arrival of the Lauderdale County Sheriff and the Metro Ambulance at the location where the child was found. When the infant was brought to the hospital, it was discovered that he was unresponsive, and despite everyone’s best attempts, they were unable to bring him back to life. Despite everyone’s greatest efforts, they were unable to bring the infant back to life.

“This was a horrible day for everyone involved,” said Chief Deputy Calhoun. “Everyone was affected.” “That was the worst day of my life.” Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who rushed to the scene of the tragedy to offer assistance, as well as the family of the victim, the community of the Southeast, and everyone else.

The awards day at Southeast Lauderdale Middle School has been postponed, and there will be counselors and chaplains available on campus on Tuesday for any students or faculty members who might require their assistance. The awards day was originally scheduled for today. The day of the awards was going to take place on Friday as planned. In addition, the school asked for prayers to be said for Carter’s loved ones, friends, and those with whom he worked.

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