Canal Winchester Shooting, 7 Injured In Shooting During Party In Southeast Columbus

Canal Winchester Shooting – According to the police, there was a gunshot at a party close to Canal Winchester early on Monday morning, and seven persons, including two minors, were hurt. After midnight, the shooting took place in the 4800 block of Pintail Creek Drive, which is located just west of Gender Road in the southeast area of Columbus.

According to statements made by detectives to 10TV, the shooting occurred while a group of juveniles was performing donuts in a parking lot close to a party. According to the police, one of the suspects in the shooting was concealed under a mask at the time. While the remaining victims of the attack were just grazed by bullets, two kids were struck by gunfire. The victims’ wounds were treated in the hospital, and it is anticipated that they will make a full recovery.

Officers discovered a number of spent shot casings on the road and across the surrounding area. In addition, there were skid marks discovered in the parking lot. A number of automobile windows were shattered as a result of gunshots. The damage to some of the windows was quite minimal, while other windows were either smashed or cracked.

The residence located in the 6000 block of Rossi Drive was reportedly hit by gunshots, according to the police. There was a lack of information immediately available on potential suspects or a possible motivation for the shooting. The Felony Assault Unit of the Columbus Police Department can be reached at (614) 645-4141, and Central Ohio Crime Stoppers can be reached at (614) 461-TIPS (8477) if anyone has any information on this event.

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