Bungy Gwilliam Obituary, Member We Remember Submariners Has Passed Away

Bungy Gwilliam Death, Obituary- Bungy Edward Gwilliam died yesterday, May 12, 2023. I’m sorry. After a brief battle with illness, he passed away as one of the most influential people in history. Everyone who knew him well will miss having him around.

Everyone that Bungy had contact with was eternally altered. After talking to him, he left a lasting impression. Susan, his devoted wife, and their three children are the ones who will go on after him. He liked rugby. If there were a hall of fame for submariners, Bungy Gwilliam would most certainly be one of the inductees.

I would like to talk about the vivid recollection I have of him, just as everyone else who served beside him would. When I was 16 years old and joined Valiant, I was introduced to a lot of wonderful individuals, including Gwilliam. When I first heard this tale, I was standing on the seventh floor of Nuclear Towers in Chatham.

At the time, I was watching the boat do its basin dive and Bungy Gwilliam Killick Stoker row ashore to fetch a new two-deck hot water boiler. This was the first time I had come across this tale. This is where I first heard about the story. I observed as he returned by a small boat and then climbed onto the casing while carrying a brand new water heater. While atop the bridge, Tim Stanish witnessed Bungy Gwilliam’s arrival.

Tim proceeded to the bottom of the ship and reported back to the command center that all of the hatches had been shut and that everyone was safe. Bungy Gwilliam is yelling at the bridge, telling them to release the casing and open the hatch to the Accommodation section. The primary vents in the boat all open, and the vessel begins to go down. He notices that there are six water columns rising.

While the boat was sinking slowly under him, I could see Bungy Gwilliam running back and forth along the casing with the boiler. Bungy abandoned the ship by throwing the boiler overboard, kicking off his boiling bats, jumping into the water, and swimming to the dockside. “What the devil was I thinking when I decided to become a member of this organization?” RIP Bungy Gwilliam.

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